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Hi, I'm Victoria!

If you’re stuck in the diet binge cycle and a prisoner to the way you feel about your body then I can help you!

I’m all too familiar with all of those yucky feelings of feeling like a failure, never feeling good enough, training my ass off in the gym constantly striving to reach the ‘perfect body, feeling crazy around food and feeling paralysed by fear at the thought of gaining weight. Let me give you a brief overview of my journey; I’ve beaten Anorexia, I’ve survived 5 years of domestic abuse, I’ve overcome a serious gym obsession and I’m a proud recovered binge eater!

It took me two decades of dieting to realise that diets only work short term and all they did for me was mess up my mental health and confidence and teach me how to become a full-time binge eater!

I got to a point in my life where I couldn’t stick to a diet, even for a day, and I knew enough was enough. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life obsessed with food, beating myself up with guilt and shame and having to start again every Monday. So even with the paralysing fear of potential weight gain, I took a leap of faith, quit diets and put my mental health first…

I invested in myself and hired a coach, enrolled in education where I studied Psychology, Spirituality and the Science in Nutrition and became a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. I have since studied Binge Eating Recovery and Body Image in depth and along with my personal experience, I am an expert in this area.

During my recovery, over time, I became the healthiest I have ever been. Mentally, Physically and Spiritually but more importantly, I’ve built a loving unbreakable relationship with myself. I worked on my mindset, my limiting beliefs and my habits, which enabled me to free myself from my self imprisoned dieting mentality and body image issues.

I am free, happy and healthy and I want to show you how you can be too!

Most coaches improve your life.

I transform your life…

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"How can you possibly put into words the absolute shining, guiding light that is Victoria Kleinsman? I can honestly say that Vic has saved my life. I thank the universe every day for bringing a true angel into my world, exactly when I needed her. We have worked together for a few months now and although the journey has only just started Vic has already walked through the deepest darkness of my past with me, helped me acknowledge it, cut me free from its anchors and brought me home to my true self – a home I never even knew existed. Although different from her pervious clients nothing deterred Vic when I came to her having lived for years stuck in the darkness, with crippling anxiety, full of self- hatred and grasping desperately at an eating disorder in an attempt to control life - I was completely lost until Vics light pierced the darkness. With love and compassion, trust and understanding she has gone to every length imaginable to help me in my journey home – Unwavering in her support Vic has been and still remains stood by my side every step of the way, holding my hand, shining her light for me to see, picking me up when I fall down, holding me accountable for the inner work I have to do and of course Celebrating each and every win (big and small) along the way. On top of everything, I am now inspired to become a coach myself and together we have big plans for the future – a future I would never have had without Vic , let alone have been as excited about it as I am now! For anyone out there in need of showing the path to freedom be it from a place lacking of self-love, the grasps of an eating disorder or simply lost the way, put your trust in Vic, as I do, because she is a true angel and everyone needs her in their life. Vic, I know I tell you every day but I will never have the words to say how grateful I am to you for saving me, inspiring me and being my guiding light – Bring on our future plans, as the ‘Guiding lights’ we will rock the world together!"

Jess, 24, Wales, UK
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"Working with Victoria these past couple of months has been one of, if not the best experience of my life so far. I have learnt SO much about myself these past 12 weeks. I genuinely feel like i'm my own best friend. She has given me so much love for myself and life i can't express it. Until working with Victoria i had been stuck in the diet / eat normally / occasional binge aka Christmas / boxing day pretty much since i was 13 years old. As a natural size 12-14 id spent my entire life trying to shrink myself and be someone else or be the me that society would deem perfect. Working with Victoria has taught me how truly messed up diet culture is and also how messed up the fitness industry is, and I know iill never go back. Ive gone from tracking every single calorie and step i took to literally eating whatever i fancy. I go out to eat with friends now without any anxiety around the calories ill consume / how hard ill have to work in the gym to compensate. I could go on forever with how shes helped me. Victoria is one of the kindest, strongest most amazing women ive ever met, i remember saying to my mum after our first month 'I love her she is literally like an angel sent from the universe and god i am so so grateful i clicked on her site''. Any time i had a little wobble or feared i couldn't do it Victoria would always point me in the right direction of self love and compassion yet challenge me to get stronger in my self, its like she introduced me to myself after all these years of being someone i wasn't. I honestly would do it all again and would recommend her to anyone! This is a life long process but i couldn't have achieved what i have in 12 weeks without her! Not enough thank yous in the world! Victoria has given me my life back xoxo"

Nashwa, 26, Nottingham, England

"Everyone needs a Victoria in there lives...when you're lucky enough to stumble across one of life's angels you need to look up and thank the universe for making it happen. I can't sing your praises enough my darling for how you've helped me in the short time we've known each other. I know our stories are very similar and you totally understand how challenging this has been. I have battled with this diet-binge cycle for as long as I can remember and then you fall out the sky with you're amazing master class and a lightbulb moment goes off. I have never felt as free as I do now towards food. I feel like I've been released from my food prison after a very long painful sentence. My language towards food has completely changed from a place of love not hate. I now have more trust in myself to make the right intuitive choices for my body and for my body to tell me what it needs (and if that's Nutella straight from the jar, I'm having the goddamn Nutella and no I won't feel guilty about it)! Not going to lie, at first, I really didn't think this was going to work for me, because the idea of allowing myself to gain weight scared the crap out of me but with your guidance and some focus on body love work, bizarrely it has. I am enough exactly as I am and I choose to live in freedom and just be me from this point on. My only competition is myself and if someone can't accept me as I am, they can jog on (did I even just say those words...like who is this girl)!! I've been on the biggest journey of self discovery and self mastery the past few years but this is the final piece in my intricate puzzle, the bit I just felt was a lost cause and then you come along to save me. If there is anyone out there reading this wanting to live in food freedom and get out this rut you've been stuck in for so long...Victoria is your girl...100% dedicated to helping you and so passionate about what she does! You're worth your weight in gold my lovely and on that note guys...DIETS DON'T WORK!!!!!!!!"

Tara, 38, Derby, England

"I started working with Victoria at a time in my life when I was going through a major life-crisis & was feeling stuck & lost on my track. Victoria came into my life like an angel, and during our 3 months coaching journey together, she radically helped me to uplevel my mindset, feel more empowered & love myself to a deeper degree. The result from working with Victoria has been priceless. With gentleness & love she guided me back to feel inspired in my work, happy to be alive & to feel a lot more confident & beautiful in my skin. Victoria's work is full of gold, and she's genuinely empathic & intuitive. If you've been looking for a coach who truly has the skill of helping you transform your life & step into your highest self - She's the one."

Johanna Lily Feminine embodiment coach, 33, Norway

"Started my journey with Victoria from the other side of the world here in New Zealand. Since our first introductory session Vic has been nothing but empathetic, open, honest, trusting, warm, and most importantly - having “walked in our shoes” she can also relate on another level. No international time differences can stop her making things work for her clients and enabling the magic to happen 🥰. Vics 1 on 1 coaching sessions are incredibly valuable and allow you both to reflect on what was/ has been going, and focus on what will be moving forward. Content and homework following on from these sessions then allows you to really focus on self love, compassion, growth, strategies, and useful tools for a brighter you. Thank you Victoria for allowing me to let down my extreme Type A personality of living life in “black and white”. I am learning that a balanced life that is free of weight obsession and food restriction is so much brighter and COLOURFUL 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜🖤 Trust Vic, trust the process, and most importantly trust yourselves. You got this gals xx"

Ashley, 26, New Zealand.

"Dear Victoria, Yesterday was my 71st birthday and inevitably that leads to one thinking about the past and planning for the future. It was last June when I embarked upon your coaching programme. Having been a Yo-Yo dieter for 50 years, even having worked for a well known world weight loss organisation and researched dieting techniques at University I knew the truth - diets only work short term because eventually the weight goes back on plus a couple of pounds extra. Over 50 years the couple of pounds becomes a few stone extra. BUT I would still succumb to the latest diet fad on the market knowing that it was not the solution. Thank heavens then that last June I opted to give the Victoria Kleinsman philosophy on natural healthy eating and mind changing techniques regarding food a try. Now almost 5 months later I am no longer a Yo-Yo dieter. Victoria's coaching was NOT difficult - just a preparation for my new way of thinking about and eating food. In other words I needed to rethink and alter my attitude to food, myself and my body image. I am amazed that I no longer feel a slave to the weighing scales, in fact I gave the scales to a charity shop. I did weigh after 10 days into coaching and had lost 8 lbs which was when I decided to take Victoria;s other recommendation and ditched the scales. There is no measuring or weighing of food. No sins or points or protein / carb only days. The freedom from guilt about food choices is liberating because basically listening to your body, changing your mindset and healthy eating means I didn't gain weight. I have no idea how much weight I have lost because it is irrelevant - I feel good about myself and my body image and I have dropped two sizes in clothes. Your support over these past months has been excellent so thank you for literally changing my life. Oh yes, normally by now I would be embarking upon the pre Christmas diet so that I could eat over Christmas and New Year without feeling guilty. However, I don’t need to do that now because I am relaxed and confident about my new approach to food choices and eating. Thanks Victoria for all your support and advice - roll on 2020 and that new swimsuit for my holiday in Crete."

Susie, 71, Edinburgh, UK.
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"After spending time with Victoria I always come away feeling much more positive and happy, she is such a good tonic. I get so much clarity after each of our sessions and feel a buzz of positivity and happiness for hours after. Victoria understands everything I have questions about and always makes perfect sense with her answers. You definitely need a mini Victoria sat on your shoulder all day, making you feel wonderful about yourself xx"

Jen, 40, London.
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"Victoria is such a gift in this world and for women seeking to rid themselves of negative stories that have kept them trapped in the grasp of eating disorders. Her holistic approach which encompasses mind, body, and spirit has the a ability to transform those who are really seeking to better themselves."

Parris, 32, California

“I can honestly say that investing in Victoria’s knowledge, wisdom, energy, enthusiasm and positivity is by far the most beneficial and rewarding thing I have ever done for myself. Victoria has opened my mind and soul to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and acting in every aspect of my life to make positive changes mentally, physically and spiritually. In just a matter of months, I have gone from a dark place in my life to feeling like I’ve found myself again. I have spent so many years coming from a place of hate where I’m overly concerned in the way I feel about myself and the way I look. I’ve gone from a complete lack of self-worth and self-love to embracing the person I am and letting my qualities that make me who I am shine through. I will be eternally grateful for Victoria and the journey we have shared together. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Natalie, 38, Kent, UK

"I’d just had my first baby and was feeling very low and lonely. I didn’t have family nearby and none of my friends had children so they were at work whilst I was on maternity leave. I’d piled weight on during my pregnancy which I couldn’t seem to lose and my self-esteem was through the floor. A friend told me about Victoria and I’m so grateful. Working one to one with Victoria has really been worth the investment. Thanks to Victoria’s support I’ve had the confidence to go out and meet other mums at baby groups, start to exercise and eat much healthier and learn to cope with those ‘down days’ where nothing goes to plan. I’m even back in my pre-pregnancy jeans! Above all else, I’ve started to feel like me again, which in turn has helped me to really enjoy every single minute of this precious time with my daughter. Thank you, Victoria."

Rachel, 34, York, UK.

"I have to admit that when I came across Victoria’s website, I was probably at the lowest point in my life. I’m a woman who has lived her life constantly on one diet or another, but also, a woman who has never got to the place I wanted to be and where I could be happy with myself! Taking that first step to contact Victoria was one of the best and most amazing things I have ever done. From my very first contact with Victoria, I knew I had someone who was going to be there for me and support me the whole time. And I wasn’t wrong. Victoria has such a unique gift of making people feel like they “matter” and they deserve to be happy. I looked forward to my contact with Victoria. As the weeks went by, I learnt so much from her and gradually began to start believing in and liking myself. She is such a motivating person and has so much faith in you, that you can’t help but have faith in yourself. I began to focus less on food and more on living and enjoying my life. I can now honestly say that I’m now in a great place in my life, where food doesn’t control me any more. I might not have the perfect body, but now, that’s not the most important thing to me. I’m eating healthy and so feel great. But Victoria has not only helped me with my weight and diet. She has shown me how to love myself, and when you love yourself, everything else in life is amazing. So, if you’re feeling like I did, or just want a little direction in life, please take that step and contact Victoria. It isn’t cheap (probably the price of a week's holiday) but it is SO SO worth it. And it’s for the rest of your life. I wish anyone who feels the need to contact Victoria, all the very best. Let her work her magic on you. Trust her to change your life. I did.”

Carol, 62, UK.

"Working with Victoria is really worth the investment. She is very positive and inspirational and very patient. She is brilliant at motivating you to keep going and has a real understanding of hurdles to overcome along the journey. She is an outstanding role model as she genuinely practices what she preaches. Her knowledge of exercise and nutrition is excellent. I would definitely recommend hiring Victoria as a coach. Thank you, Victoria you've helped me to change my life."

Sandra, 65, Yorkshire, UK
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"Bringing her coaching skills from both a depth of personal experience and a high level of education Victoria is the perfect woman to help you on your journey of self transformation. I wouldn't recommend anybody else. Since working with Victoria I have had the clarity and courage to make huge life shifts and I couldn't be happier! ♥️👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"

Katie, 36, Derby, UK
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"Victoria is warm and approachable and totally honest and trustworthy. She uses her own experiences to inform what she does, so her advice is based not only on her studies but real-life situations - the ideal combination. She only wants to help you become the person you want to be and move you forward in your life in a positive way. I cannot recommend her enough. If you are seeking new ways to follow for a healthier happier life, look no further. "

Fiona, 41, Netherlands.

"I challenge you to find anyone more passionate about helping others than Victoria. Her energy and enthusiasm for helping people to set themselves free is inspiring! Her own experiences allow her to empathise and really appreciate how difficult it is to break free of debilitating eating cycles and know that she has been there and conquered them self is so motivating! Her knowledge combined with her personal experiences is second to none and she is a master at what she does!"

Shelly, 34, Derby, UK

"Victoria is such an incredible woman inside and out. What I love the most about her work is she can really understand what you are going through based on all of the things she has experienced herself. She is empathetic, empowering and has a contagious energy that lifts you up immediately. I highly recommend working with Victoria if you are struggling with any disordered eating behavior because she will definitely set you free."

Kayla, 26, New Zealand

"Highly recommended! She is super professional and can help you from her own experiences. She really knows what you are going through and is a great support!"

Joreike, 26, Netherlands
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"Victoria is a professional coach who works from personal experience and positivity. She has a good and helpful program to get more balance in your life and body."

Lotte, 25, Netherlands
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"Victoria is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met! You can truly feel how deeply she cares about others and she has a heart of gold. I have been blessed enough to see first hand the transformation that can happen by implementing the strategies that she uses when it comes to overcoming negative beliefs in the areas of self love, binge eating and overcoming eating disorders. Thank you for who you are in this world, Victoria. You are truly helping to transform lives!"

Rebekah, 32, USA

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